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Nicole's Drawings

Nicole’s Drawings

Our drawing activities allowed artistic experimentation in our sketch books. These fun activities started off simple and gradually got more complex as challenges were added. This progression ignited the creativity within us and allowed our creativity to increase as we continued drawing.


line collage

Emily’s Line Play

We experimented with lines, line is one of the nine elements of art described as a mark created on a page from one point to another. Drawing lines in our sketch book got us thinking about the many possibilities of lines, assisting us in creating ideas for future activities. Our next activity continued this way of thinking. We made five marks on a page. Following this we added to the marks in order to create a face or figure. Our faces and figures may not look exactly how one would expect them to, but the aspect of kind of a face or “face-ish” is what we were going for. This is important to express to children. Often children may not be enthusiastic about drawing, questioning their abilities. As early childhood educators it is important to point out that perfection is not our goal, but rather “ish.” Through our last line play activity, we drew how we thought a lazy, angry, excited, and silly line would look.

Nikita's Sketches

Nikita’s Drawings



Emily's drawings

Emily’s drawings

Our next activities challenged us as artists. First we re-created a picture of a building without looking down at the page. We then went back and added details and colours using pastels. Next, we drew a friend using our non-dominant hand. In our last challenge, we used one-liners. We coloured a still-life picture of the contents in our bags without lifting our pencil from the page. After our still-lifes were created we reimagined the marks. Using pastels we created a new picture using the existing lines. These challenges reinforced the idea of “ish.” Our drawings may not look just right, but we didn’t care, it was fun! Children questioning their abilities can benefit from these activities, as perfection is certainly not the goal.

Nikita's Portrait Sketch

Nikita’s Portrait Sketch

Nikita's Sketch

Nikita’s Sketch


Emily’s Music Inspired Drawings

Nikita's Music Inspired Drawing

Nikita’s Music Inspired Drawing

During our last drawing activities we listened to two songs, and expressed the emotions the songs gave us through drawing. Both songs contained no words, which really makes one think about the emotions given off, where a song with words might point to an emotion. We were challenged to think creatively about our emotions. Art is great way to allow children to express their emotions, and this activity could introduce emotional expression through drawing.

Krista's Sketches

Krista’s Sketches

Open-ended colouring books influenced the creative process within us, and can with children!

open ended2

Emily’s Open-Ended Colouring Book Drawing

open ended1

Nicole’s Open-Ended Colouring Book Drawing

photo 1

Krista’s Open-Ended Colouring Book Drawings

Nikita's Open Ended Drawing

Continuing the conversation of “ish,” show your imperfection as an ECE. Have a child describe a picture to you without looking at it, and see the wonderful “ish-ness” that is produced.

boat collage

Word count: 450

Created by: Emily Jamieson

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