Smart About Art

About Us

We are a group of second year students at Ryerson University. As part of our course work, we are enrolled in a creative arts class. We are interested in gathering resources for other early childhood educators and share our experiences with others.

Our group:

Nicole IneeseNash

Nicole is a mature student in the ECS program. She is minoring in psychology and French. She hopes to work with aboriginal children and families in the future. Currently, she works with young mothers and infants. In her free time, Nicole enjoys playing guitar, writing, cooking, and being active.

Emily Jamieson

Emily is a second year student from New Jersey. She began her studies in math education but transferred to Ryerson after her first year.  She is now interested in minoring in family support. In New Jersey, Emily worked as a lifeguard and gymnastics instructor. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and take adventurous walks in summer.

Nikita Ohannessian

Nikita is 20 years old and currently in her second year at Ryerson in the Early Childhood Studies Program. She loves working with children and believes in a curriculum that involves teaching young children through creative means. She believes that visual arts provides the perfect outlet for imaginative learning opportunities, and hopes this blog inspires parents, teachers, or childcare professionals, to encourage learning through visual arts in their homes and classrooms. In her spare time, Nikita enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as pursuing her interest in film and theatre.

KRISTAAAAThis is Krista Harris. She is 19 years old, a second year student at Ryerson University, in the Early Childhood Studies program. She loves exploring and learning about new fun art activities which she can incorporate into her future work with children! She feels teaching young children should be done in a play based form, where children’s interests are accommodated. Krista’s personal hobbies include hockey, snowboarding and spending time with friends and family!

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